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There are a wide range of materials that are used to manufacture foams which help contribute to the broad ranges of properties that can be achieved.PVC foams are manufactured by combining many different polymers that will give a unique blend of properties.Foams are utilised in all manner of applications and yet, we are probably less aware of their extensive use than we are of many other types of materials that are present in our daily lives.This brief summary only scrapes the surface of the types of foams available and their uses.

They are typically used in industrial settings and afford moisture, temperature and solvent resistance.PVA (PolyVinyl Alcohol) foams offer great absorbent properties coupled with strength. Some of these materials are polyurethane, polyethylene, PVA and PVC. This type of foam is generally open cell foam that is very flexible.Polyurethane foams are widely used for their China Polyester Fleece Manufacturers cushioning properties for applications such as toys.

furniture, bedding and sponges. Foams are so common because they have a broad range of properties that can make them the ideal material for lots of applications. Not only are there thousands of foams available in the market, at Technical Foam Services Ltd, we have the capacity to design and develop bespoke foams for specific applications. Not only does this apply to the technical properties but also to finish and physical shape. Polyurethane foams cover a huge realm on their own and this is broken down into two sub-categories of

polyester foam and polyether foam.Polyethylene foams are closed cell foams whose dense structure affords great strength and durability in addition to properties such as good thermal insulation and dampening properties that make this type of foam good for impact absorption. It is this type of foam that is frequently found in many cleaning applications such as mops, sponges and synthetic chamois leather.

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